MCM Counselling Services

Mary McClenaghan

My Approach to Counselling

   My approach to counselling is one that is person centered. My core belief is that to truly understand the issue, I must first understand YOU from your unique biopsychosocial perspective. To me, you are the person who is the expert in your own life and my job is provide a neutral, open and empathetic space and meet you where you are at.  From there we can explore what you want in life and understand what obstacles are in the way so that you can move past them.

Your first step in approaching counselling is to find the right therapist for you because this process should be all about you. 

Qualifications ~ BA, MA, RP, CHRL

 I am a Registered Psychotherapist  with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in Humanistic Studies and a Master of Arts degree from Yorkville University in Counselling and Psychology. In addition to this, I have a Human Resources Management certificate from York University and have the designation of Certified Human Resources Leader within the Human Resources Professionals Association.   

My Experience

 As a psychotherapist, I have worked with individuals and couples on a variety of issues including anxiety, bereavement, coping with ADD/ADHD diagnosis, work and career issues, relationship dysfunction, low self- esteem and establishing work/life balance. My previous careers in banking and human resources, combined with my volunteer experience with local agencies such as Victim Services of York Region and Bereaved Families of York Region, have given me extensive experience working with different communities on a variety of issues.